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Transitioning Beyond Capitalism

Online Conference 2022

Affiliated with Conscious Earth Alliance

Capitalism is breathing its last breath, with spiraling debts, a huge gap between rich and poor, unprecedented unemployment, environmental degradation, inflation and wars – including – in eastern Europe. Now more than ever we need clear guidance on how to build a new society on all levels.  

In this conference we look at what Progressive Utilisation Theory – Prout – offers as we face a world in transition.

Our presenters explore these important topics: 

  • Dr Ravi Batra, acclaimed economist and author presents on “The current situation of capitalism and how PROUT can be implemented in the future”.
  • Dada Maheshvarananda presents “Strategies for establishing Prout as given by founder, P.R. Sarkar”
  • Jayanta Kumar presents Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar’s Ideal System of Government in 2 parts. The topic is discussed from the historical, ideological and administrative viewpoints.
  • Ravishekharananda presents on “The escalating crisis of capitalism throughout the twentieth century and the forces that impact on our current world situation.” in 2 parts.
  • Radha Cohen explores “How Prout is expanding the idea of resources beyond mere economics, to include the subtle and very subtle”.
  • Tapan Kumar presents “The role of socio-economic movements – “Samaj” – in establishing a Proutist system”
  • Didi Ananda Rama presents “The role of the ethical and spiritual in establishing a neo-humanist / Proutist society”

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Dr Ravi Batra

The current situation of capitalism and how will PROUT be implemented in the future

Ravi Batra (born June 27, 1943) is an Indian-American economist, author, and professor at Southern Methodist University.

Dr Batra is the author of six bestselling books. His books center on the idea that financial capitalism breeds excessive inequality and political corruption which inevitably succumbs to financial crisis and economic depression.

Dr Batra has been a long time champion of Progressive Utilization Theory (PROUT) as being capable of ensuring the material welfare of human beings, as well as the inner development of each member of society.

Some of his many publications: The Downfall of Capitalism and Communism: A New Study of History. The great depression of 1990 Surviving the great depression of 1990 Progressive utilization theory: Prout: an economic solution to poverty in the Third World. The downfall of capitalism and communism: can capitalism be saved. The myth of free trade The crash of the millennium: surviving the coming inflationary depression. The new golden age: the coming revolution against political corruption and economic chaos. End unemployment now: how to eliminate joblessness, debt, and poverty despite of congress.

Recording (unedited):

Jayanta Kumar

Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar’s Ideal System of Government. The topic is discussed from the historical, ideological and administrative viewpoints.

Jayanta Kumar is a long time Proutist living in Australia. He was part of a small team tasked by Shrii P.R. Sarkar with translating and publishing the “Prout in A Nutshell” series of books in the 1980s. Jayanta was also co-editor of the book, “Understanding Prout – Essays on Sustainability and Transformation”, 2009.

Jayanta’s presentation will explore several important forms of government discussed in “Prout in a Nutshell”. In particular, he will look at contemporary democracy, including its numerous defects, and how democracy can be reformed and strengthened. He will also discuss Shrii Sarkar’s proposal for a world government, and his concept of the social cycle and the form government could take in a post-capitalist martial era. He will also outline Shrii Sarkar’s ideal government of the future, which consists of boards of spiritually enlightened and expert administrators.
Part 1 recorded as part of our Second Conference is available to watch here:
Part 2 recording:

Radha Cohen

How Prout is expanding the idea of resources beyond mere economics, to include the subtle and very subtle
How Prout is expanding the idea of resources beyond the physical to include the subtle and very subtle: the supramundane, the metaphysical and the spiritual potentialities of the individual and the collective body.
Human society is in dire necessity of a shift in consciousness, moving from a materialistic, self-centred socio-cultural outlook to a more elevated spiritual understanding of our own intrinsic spiritual nature and of all created beings and the universe around us. It is clear that it is only through a shift towards a more elevated state of consciousness, that we will be able to manifest, implement and establish PROUT on this planet and throughout the universe.
Since a very young age Radha has been involved in social activism. She worked for many years as a social worker in different continents, creating projects leading to social transformation, as well as the shift and the elevation of human consciousness.


The escalating crisis of capitalism throughout the twentieth century and the forces that impact on our current world situation

In this presentation Ravishekharananda looks at the development of advanced capitalism during the 20th century, firstly, in the context of the British empire, then, the “Anglo-American Empire” with its aspirations of a globalised, technocratic world order – evidence, he says, that capitalism is in its advanced stage of degeneration as per Prout theory. He looks at several “exotic” factors hinted at by Prout’s founder, P.R. Sarkar, that may be impacting on world events and asks, what challenge do these pose for authentic liberation movements.

Ravishekharananda has a background in yoga, meditation, eastern mysticism and social activism. He believes humanity is moving through an historic shift of consciousness that is manifesting as a polarisation between progressive and regressive forces. The capitalist and communist (oligarchical) systems, he claims, are both non-viable and need to be replaced without delay. The formula to do this is penetrating awareness of the problems (at all levels), integrated, practical solutions and mobilisation of the disgruntled.

Part 1 is available to watch here:

Part 2 (unedited) recording:

Dada Maheshvarananda

Dada, born in the US, is an activist, writer, and monk. Since 1978 he has taught meditation and yoga and supervised social service projects, in Southeast Asia, South America and Europe. His recent book, “After Capitalism: Economic Democracy in Action”, was published in 2012. His first book, “After Capitalism: Prout’s Vision for a New World” with a preface by Noam Chomsky was published in 2003 and has been translated in 10 languages. He has given hundreds of seminars and workshops around the world about social issues and spiritual values.

Watch Dada presenting “Strategies for Establishing PROUT, Dada Maheshvarananda” recorded 30 April 2022 here:

Tapan Kumar

Tapan Kumar is a retired IT officer from the Universita’ degli Studi di Verona in Italy. He has worked with Proutist Universal since 1978, promoting Prout as a viable alternative to Capitalism and Communism. Tapan also works with the Prout Research Institute, Italy, since its founding in 2009. They have published several books and convene conferences and seminars. They also run a Training School for people new to Prout.

Next generation socio-economic movements: SAMAJ

The presentation will focus on the present socio-economic and ideological trends. Tapan will underline the defects of different systems and look at how the SAMAJ (Society) movement can reestablish an equilibrium and equipoise in the different strata of life:

  1. Guarantee everyone the minimum necessities of life
  2. Guarantee education and knowledge for everyone
  3. Understanding the higher purpose of human life, dedicated to the welfare of all.

In this balanced approach there is a chance of global human development.

Watch presentation recorded on 30 April 2022 here:

Didi Ananda Rama

A yogic nun, originally from Europe, Didi has been practicing and teaching yoga and meditation in the tantric tradition for over 40 years in SE Asia, Europe, and North America after studying in India. She is also a longstanding educator and global coordinator with the Neohumanist Education network (gurukul.edu). Her last project was to help build a Women’s College at Uma Nivas, in rural Purulia District of West Bengal, India.

Ancient Alpine Civilization is available https://dharmicaedizioni.it/ancient
“Mahasadvipra” is available https://www.anandamarga.org/store/ebooks/
Watch Didi talk about “The role of the ethical and spiritual in establishing a neo-humanist / Proutist society” recorded 30 April 2022 here: